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Sage Insanity

My other other journal

Touched by his noodly appendage
19 July 1957
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I hate filling out profiles. What do I say about myself? I teach college math. I go to lots of concerts. I have passions that I love to share with the world. I hold strong opinions that I like to share with the world. I try to be funny. Mostly what I do here is link to Wise Madness where I really keep my blog.
aclu, acoustic music, american civil liberties union, amnesty international, angel, anthony da costa, antje duvekot, arthur c. clarke, ashley macisaac, astronomy, baseball, basketball, beatles, blackadder, blake's 7, bob dylan, bridge, britcoms, budgiedome, buffy the vampire slayer, cabell, cadence carroll, car talk, cartoons, celtic music, christine lavin, chuck jones, cosmology, crooked still, da vinci's notebook, dan bern, daniel pinkwater, dar williams, dave's true story, deirdre flint, dilbert, dinosaurs, doctor who, douglas adams, environmentalism, eric schwartz, etymologies, evolution, fairy tales, falcon ridge folk festival, fantasy, flying spaghetti monster, folk festivals, folk music, four bitchin' babes, fractals, gandhi, great big sea, hedwig, house concerts, iain campbell smith, idiot's delight, irish music, isaac asimov, j.r.r. tolkien, jean shepherd, jews harps, jim's big ego, joni mitchell, jurgen, kazoos, knicks, lipbone, literature, logic problems, lord dunsany, lord of the rings, lovecraft, m.c. escher, martin luther king, math, max headroom, mets, monty python, moxy früvous, mst3k, muppets, music, mythbusters, mythology, natalie macmaster, neil innes, nellie mckay, neuroworld, new york city, obscure musical instruments, old time radio, orson welles, oscar wilde, paleontology, pat wictor, paul and storm, pete and maura kennedy, physics, piñataland, polygraph lounge, puzzles, red dwarf, red molly, richard thompson, rocky horror picture show, rod picott, rubik's cubes, rumpole of the bailey, science, science fiction, science history, sherlock holmes, slaid cleaves, smaf, social justice, sometymes why, stanley kubrick, steve goodman, suzanne vega, terry pratchett, the kennedys, the simpsons, the strangelings, tmbg, tolkien, tom lehrer, tom stoppard, trachtenburg family slideshow players, used bookstores, vin scelsa, we're about 9, wfuv, woody allen, zoe lewis, zydeco